likhona camane

film, music, radio, other things

and so, with the wind w/ flora green 

a sound essay series for Lilies Radio


In Chorus, fiction lends to architecture an alternative retelling. Architecture becomes score, offering prompts sung by a local choir for the film’s soundscape and reinterpreting this structure of dominion with novel subtlety.


commissioned by The Centre for the Less Good Idea in 2021,  "Memreforms," is a sound piece - combining concrète and turntablism techniques to shape personal, home-made recordings into new forms, and ideas ofo home, memory & movement.

likhona camane (b. 1998) is an artist + musician based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

with work rooted in film, music, sound and performance - and often hovering across other mediums, (his/their) process is guided as much by free-spirited improvsation, collage (sampling) and ambience, as it is by rigid structures & forms, uncontrollable noise, and feedback loops.
drifting between these sounds to reflect the potentials, limits and affects of post-modern black life, of time, language, memory, form, and history, and finding new modes to (re)construct and (re)member ideas around identity, home, belonging, community, self, and place.

their interdiscplinary approach has led to composing music for films produced by Serpentine Gallery, Museo Maxxi and Dazed Magazine - alongside several independent films and creative projects; to recording and performing music as seventhgaze (and other aliases), producing radio shows, and collaborating with artists, galleries, and institutions to produce a range of sound-based projects.