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NOWNESS - Private View: Igshaan Adams

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Commissioned by NOWNESS, this episode of Private View looks at artist Igshaan Adams’ practice & influences, ahead of his ‘Kicking Dust’  for the Hayward Gallery.

“The cross-disciplinary textile artist is known for creating work that combines weaving, sculpture, and installation in layered narratives that explore race, religion, and sexuality.”

Dazed x YOOX: SS22 by YOOX

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two short films with skater, Boo Johnson and activist + model, Deba Hekmat - reflecting on the importance of community. produced by Dazed Magazine, celebrating the launch of the SS22 ‘8 by YOOX’ collection.


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In Chorus, fiction lends to architecture an alternative retelling. Taking as site a modernist Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in South Africa, the imagined narrative augments the otherworldly qualities of the structure and its landscape, abstracting it from historical specificity to offer new considerations. 

It recalls how the many voices of a congregation became autonomous from the bodies that housed them, occupying the building with their song. Sound becomes synonym for spectre; the voice recast as ghost. Ecstatic femme voices lead the dissent, accumulating in the upper reaches of the spire. 

By their haunting, the sopranos make apparent the hidden and disavowed alive within the space, resisting the ideologies that shaped it.

The Dream That Refused Me

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The Dream That Refused Me is split across four aesthetically distinct chapters that ties together myths, attitudes, and rituals from across Africa. Powerful and emotionally stirring, a Xhosa poem narrated by Siyabonga Jim creates a narrative line between the ancestral specters and incandescent landscapes created by collage artist Zas Ieluhee.

Sumayya in Johannesburg

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this film follows Sumayya Vally, the architect behind 2021’s Serpentine Pavilion - designed by Counterspace - through her hometown Johannesburg as she reflects on the rich urban fabric of the city and how its plurality has informed her vision for this year's Serpentine Pavilion.

co-written with composer / director,  Jannous Aukema.